Let’s reach for new heights together!

We, the three national science journalists’ associations of Switzerland, France and Italy, are applying to host the World Conference of Science Journalists, WCSJ, on 1 – 5 July 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our highest priority is to bring together professionals and students in science journalism and science writing from around the world to exchange ideas and skills, to build networks and so to foster quality science journalism and collaboration on a global scale.

This collaborative spirit defines our region. In Lausanne, with France just a short boat ride away and Italy not far beyond, cultures and languages meet, ideas are exchanged, and people of all backgrounds work, play and make plans for a brighter future together.

In a region famed for its mountains, it is perhaps the landscape that has inspired this sense of common purpose. Mountaineering is a strong tradition in all three of our Alpine countries, and a fitting metaphor for the framework we are proposing for WCSJ 2019. Just like those who team up across borders and cultures to scale the daunting peaks, WCSJ 2019 in Lausanne will reach out globally to build a community with a common goal: reaching new heights in science journalism!

Climbing a mountain often involves taking tortuous routes. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to overcome unexpected obstacles, and sometimes you might encounter poor conditions before you even get a glimpse of the peak. Then, when you finally have the objective in sight, you find that the steepest part still lies ahead. Those of us on the bid team find ourselves in exactly this position right now. We have invested much in this bid, and now that it is submitted, the peak is clearly in view; along with the effort yet to come…

As with any high mountain expedition, our experience has bound us into a close-knit and highly-motivated team. With the summit in sight, our determination is all the stronger, not least because we have learnt a great deal on our way up.

From the crevassed glaciers of corporate sponsorship to the sheer rock face of programme planning, our experience so far equips us well for the final summit push.

The most important lesson we have learned is that we only make progress if we work together. It’s in this spirit, that we invite our colleagues from around the world to WCSJ 2019 in Lausanne.

Let’s reach for new heights together. Let’s bring science journalism forward together.

The three national science journalists’ associations
of Switzerland, France and Italy


Olivier Dessibourg
Viviane Thivent Fabio Turone
President of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism
President of the
Association française des journalistes scientifiques de la presse d’information AJSPI
President of the Association Science Writers in Italy

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