Bidding Associations


Swiss Association of Science Journalism

Founded in 1974, the Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ) is a professional association uniting current and former science journalists in Switzerland. It has presently around 350 members. Of these, 180 are «ordinary members» working either as science editors/reporters for newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and television shows, or as freelancers. The other approximately 170 «extraordinary members» hold jobs with media- and information-groups of private companies or scientific institutions.

The goals of the SASJ include strengthening quality, independent and transparent science journalism in the Swiss media landscape, developing a network between its members and members of other similar associations, and in general fostering valuable and accurate information exchange between scientists, policymakers and the lay public. SASJ serves a the unique responding entity about science journalism issues in Switzerland. Its members are regularly asked to take part in juries, festival boards and other events about science journalism and communication. SASJ has clear and strict rules to ensure full independence of of its members in any of its events.

Association des Journalistes Scientifiques de la Presse d‘Information

AJSPI, the French association of science journalists, has 270 members (a majority of the active professional journalists in France) belonging to the whole spectrum of the media: print, radio, television, online. Though it has a light administrative structure, that mostly draws on volunteering, AJSPI is a very dynamic group, which organizes debates, conferences, lab visits, meetings with researchers and officials, study trips abroad etc. AJSPI also tries to develop social ties among its members and to promote networking.

AJSPI is a non-profit association, based in Paris, with a board that meets every month. AJSPI does not accept non-journalists, but has created a Club with members from around 60 supporting organizations. This Club organizes press officers, heads of communication or executives from public or private institutions with an interest in communicating science and technology to the public.

Science Writers in Italy

Since 2009, the professional association Science Writers in Italy (SWIM) has been active in encouraging a fruitful debate between the worlds of science, science communication and science journalism, with the aim of improving the quality of science coverage in the media.

Strong of its 70 motivated members, SWIM has organised and promoted continuing education for specialised journalists and general assignment reporters, in Italy and abroad, as well as several national conferences on science journalism.