Bringing people together

Enabling travel and conference attendance

In order to promote truly international professional networking and exchange, WCSJ 2019 puts a strong focus on enabling travel and conference attendance by means of scholarships. Apart from the WCSJ organising committee itself, a diverse range of national and European institutions is willing to support these. Among them are the GAVI Alliance and the French Centre National de Recherche Scientifque (CNRS).
Special attention is paid to the involvement of journalists from the Balkans and from French-speaking Africa including the Maghreb. While the planning of the pre-event session aimed at French-speaking Africa benefits from the rich experience of AJSPI’s Cécile Klingler (see Projet Francophonie), a well established collaboration between Fabio Turone’s SWIM and Mico Tatalovic’s Balkan Network of Science Journalists enables well-informed sessions as well as a valuable long-term project (see Balkan School of Science journalism 2019).

Technology serving real-life interactions

Lively exchanges will be encouraged through innovative conference formats. From big, openly – and literally moving – discursive sessions where people face-off against each other, to small dare-to-ask workshops, the newly built (2014) SwissTech Convention Center can modulate all of its meeting rooms to suit all needs. In this way, techno- logy will serve the real-life interactions of people in the best possible way.