EBU science documentary pre-event workshop

EBU science documentary pre-event workshop

(Lead: Jeroen Depraetere, Head of TV and Future media at EBU, in collaboration with WCSJ)

Participating, networking, watching and sharing are the keywords of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Science & Knowledge Experts. Getting to know each other better can enhance the ways the institutions of the EBU member countries work together.

The EBU Science & Knowledge Experts meet once a year in plenary session with the aim of encouraging broadcasters to foster the approach described above.

With parallel working sessions devoted to different topics/ themes (case studies, pitching sessions, screenings, best practices…), the EBU Science & Knowledge Experts meeting provides broadcasters with the tools for creating an inter- national, professional network. It is the first and indispens- able step for establishing successful working groups.

This group includes over 80 professionals (head of program- mes, commissioning editors) coming from public service broadcasters from more than 30 countries in and around Europe.

Through Eurovision TV, the broadcasters work together through different genres and models of cooperation.

Broadcasters can pool financial resources and commission production companies to co-produce enjoyable and suc- cessful TV programmes. They can also exchange existing programmes, or decide together to create new series through the model of exchange, through which broad- casters offer and receive programmes or segments of certain types and genres (collections).