Kickstart sponsors and supports

Kickstart sponsors and supports

We are in a position to immediately start organising the WCSJ 2019, if Lausanne is chosen as host. We have already contacted a number of entities and asked them to commit with kickstart sponsoring should we win the bid. Most of the entities we have contacted have agreed to do so, pledg- ing various amounts. As of mid-July 2019, we can announce the following support:

  • Bertarelli Foundation – The Bertarelli Foundation is WCSJ 2019 Lausanne’s
    first Platinum Sponsor. The foundation was created in 1998 in memory of Fabio Bertarelli, father of Ernesto and Dona Bertarelli and husband of Maria Iris Bertarelli. The Foundation delivers real change in the fields of marine conservation and science, life science research and in local communities around the world. By developing partnerships with scientists, NGOs, governments and local stakeholders it is the Foundation’s hope, that the projects it has helped to establish, will lead the way in addressing some of the most critical issues of our time.
  • Swiss National Science Foundation, the main public agency supporting science, technology, medical and human sciences and fundamental research in Switzerland (
  • The Canton de Vaud, the regional public administration (
  • The City of Lausanne, the local public administration (
  • RTS, the French-language Swiss broadcaster (
  • IBM Research Zürich (
  • ETH Board, the board heading the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and four other top-science institutions (
  • The University of Neuchâtel, one of Switzerland’s nine universities, with great technological expertise including time instrumentation (

• The University of Bern, one of Switzerland’s nine universities with a focus including climate research and space science (

Tamedia, one of the two major media publishers in Switzerland (

Swiss academies of Arts and Sciences (

• The French Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (