Projet Francophonie

Projet Francophonie

(Lead: Cécile Klingler and Yves Sciama, AJSPI)

An important goal of the WCSJ 2019 in Lausanne is to strongly involve French-speaking science journalists, especially from Africa, with the ambition of building a sustainable network leading to a worldwide market for French science writers. This is what we call the Projet Francophonie.

With this in mind, we have planned a one-day Pre-Event workshop, structured in two parts.

1. Journalism without Borders

The first part, named Journalism without Borders, will pursue the following goals:

  • create a French-speaking science journalists’ network:the first step to building a worldwide market for French-speaking science journalists, allowing them to work for media outlets across continents
  • promote science/health/environment topics in journalism schools, with the support of the Théophraste Network, an international network of journalism training centres from French-speaking countries
  • carry out cross-border investigations in science,
    based on feedback from past collaborations between French-speaking partners, and announcement of
    the launch of a North-South science investigation prize for French-speaking journalists, with grants being awarded to three selected projects.2. Science without BordersThe second part, Science without Borders, will bring together French-speaking journalists from around the world, especially Africa, communication officers from the main French-speaking science research institutes, and well-known scientists.

    The goal: to make it easier for French-speaking journalists to build their own database of scientists to consult on a wide range of issues.

    This session will take place with the support of the main French science research institutions.

    To ensure the broad participation of colleagues from Africa, we’ve started a specific fundraising activity for this project, with the goal of financing 30 grants to attend the WCSJ 2019. Some of them have already been secured thanks the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), and negotiations are underway with other research institutes, as well as with partners from La Francophonie.