SASJ – Swi


Swiss Association of Science Journalism

Founded in 1974, the Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ) is a professional association uniting current and former science journalists in Switzerland. It has presently around 350 members. Of these, 180 are «ordinary members» working either as science editors/reporters for newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and television shows, or as freelancers. The other approximately 170 «extraordinary members» hold jobs with media- and information-groups of private companies or scientific institutions.

The goals of the SASJ include strengthening quality, independent and transparent science journalism in the Swiss media landscape, developing a network between its members and members of other similar associations, and in general fostering valuable and accurate information exchange between scientists, policymakers and the lay public. SASJ serves a the unique responding entity about science journalism issues in Switzerland. Its members are regularly asked to take part in juries, festival boards and other events about science journalism and communication. SASJ has clear and strict rules to ensure full independence of of its members in any of its events.