Social and networking activities

The WCSJ2019 will also hold many diverse occasions for social networking.

Opening Ceremony (Day 1)

The opening ceremony will take place in the SwissTech Convention Center (STCC). The event will be a collaboration between the organizers of the WCSJ 2019 and Presence Switzerland (PRS), the division within the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Government responsible for communicating the image of Switzerland abroad, including the science excellency.

Since the theme of the conference is the mountains, those will also be at the core for the opening ceremony. The Alps are a strong and traditional connection of Switzerland with its neighbouring countries (especially France and Italy). The content of this opening ceremony could therefore feature: live discussions between pairs of „people“/stars who have a connection with the Alps, Swiss alpine music, historical aspects, artistic performances, and speeches. The official part will be followed by a cocktail of swiss traditional mountain food in the of main hall of the STCC.

Welcome cocktail (Day 2)

The wonderfully situated International Olympic Museum, in the center of Lausanne, will welcome us on its terrace with view on the Alps, for a welcome apero, accompanied (after the visit of the museum) by small presentations of the implication of science in sport.

Gala Dinner (Day 3)

Just by pushing one button, the STCC plenary room can be transformed (the seats kind of disappear into the ground with an hydraulic system) into a flat ballroom for 1000 persons. The Gala Dinner will take place there, with musical and artistic performances.

Farewell evening (Day 4)

The closing event will be held in the village of Grandvaux, which will be «requested» for the occasion. Grandvaux is located amongst the vineyards of Lavaux. In the 13th century, to overcome the steep gradient in the Lavaux area, the monks started to build stone wall terraces and plant vines in them. The result of this hard labour, which is part of the beauty of Lavaux, earned the site its inclusion as a UNESCO cultural world heritage site since 2007. Accessing the village with the train (20 minutes from the STCC) will give the participants a stunning view on the lake and the famous vineyards.

After a welcome drink from the local wine growers and a traditional Swiss fondue, dinner will take place in different venues in Grandvaux; we call them “cellars dinner”. Participants will be free to wander across the village to each of them. After the dinner: party!

The “social hub” at the Haute Ecole de Musique (All days)

In order to build up the social and convivial aspect of the event as well as giving the possibility to discover the intimate links between science and music, a festive area will be set up at the Haute Ecole de musique. This social hub, situated right in the center of Lausanne,  will, during the day, serve as a working and exchange space and, late at night, as a welcoming place for drinks.


With famous festivals like Montreux Jazz or Paleo Nyon, the lemanic region is a famous destination for music. The Haute Ecole de Musique, already playing a major role in developing knowledge and practice of music within the region, intends to carry out research on musical expressiveness – by means of motion capture, brain imaging, physiological reactions to listening to music. At the social hub, participants will have the opportunity to experience that.