SwissTech Convention Center


The SwissTech Convention Center (STCC) is located on the campus of EPFL/UNIL. Its futuristic design makes it a truly unique building in Europe. STCC is committed to sustainable development. By promoting renewable sources of energy, ensuring optimal management of waste disposal, and supporting eco-friendly mobility and human safety, the convention center intends to adopt policies that are respectful of humans and their environment.

Built in 2014, this unique convention centre is perfect for mid-size events. It can modulate the meeting rooms under any desire. The 2205 seats plenary room can be divided into two big auditoriums. The ground floor of the building can host six rooms for parallel sessions as well as the exhibition space, the press rooms and many meeting rooms. The so-called “Gala System” handles the seats (actually makes them “disappear”!) to create a flat ballroom; that impressive characteristic will be used for the Gala dinner on Wednesday July 3rd 2019.


All those features make the STCC the perfect place to have the full WCSJ2019 held under one roof. With its close proximity to Lausanne city center (direct links to the M1 metro and bus lines), the accessibility is easily guaranteed. A few tenth of participants will even be able to find lodging right on the campus, very close to the STCC, and benefit from the lively environment in the evenings.