The World Federation of Science Journalists

The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ –, based in Montréal, Canada, represents science journalists‘ associations globally, amongst which are the hosts of the World Conference of Science Journalism 2019, the Swiss, French and Italian associations. WFSJ is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. It encourages strong, critical coverage of issues in science and technology, environment, health and medicine, agriculture and related fields.

The WFSJ seeks to further present science journalism as a bridge between science, scientists and the public. It promotes the role of science journalists as key players in civil society and democracy. The Federation’s goals are to improve the quality of science reporting, promote standards and best practices and support science and technology journalists worldwide.

In order to achieve these goals the Federation undertakes training, mentoring, and education of science journalists globally through initiatives such as the World Conference of Science Journalists, mentoring schemes, twinning of associations, and other professional opportunities. Furthermore the Federation promotes and defends the free flow of information and open dialogue about scientific research and related issues – essential to good science journalism.

The World Conference of Science Journalists

The World Conference of Science Journalists‘ (WCSJ) main purpose is to bring together science journalists and communicators from all over the world in one place to learn from each other and share best practices across their discipline internationally. Since the first WCSJ, staged in Tokyo 1992, the conference developed into a core pillar for the advancement of international science journalism.

The next WCSJ will be held from 26th to 30th October 2017 in San Francisco

The conference programme reflects current issues affecting the profession of science journalism, including new journalistic technologies and approaches, developments in the media, science and industry landscapes as well as trends in storytelling and reporting. By advancing the worldwide community‘s professional skills, the conference ensures that science issues are intelligently communicated to society as a whole.