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Sponsored Luncheon

Beyond cheerleading

2 July

12:15 to 13:55

STCC, Auditorium A

Championing science engagement and inclusivity for everyone, everywhere (sponsored by Johnson&Johnson)

A public educated, engaged and supportive of the role of science in society is necessary for the scientific enterprise to continue to thrive and deliver solutions that address global challenges. But science today is often perceived by the general public as difficult, irrelevant or even threatening. Who has the responsibility to communicate science and engage people in understanding the value of research and innovation?
Can everyone be a Champion of Science and what are the solutions to enlist and engage more champions of science across generations and geographies?
How do we harness today’s advances in technology and proliferation of channels to work together to enhance transparency, accessibility and relevance of science communication for everyone, everywhere? How can science become more inclusive and engage hearts and not only minds?

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