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Parallel session

Beyond cheerleading

4 July

10:10 to 11:20

STCC, Room 3BC

Culture Clash: How to cover the Intersection of Science and politics

Science has become a very politicized endeavour in many countries. And more and more scientists are choosing to actively engage in politics. In this session we will talk about what this means for us as science-journalists. Do we need to cover scientists differently – maybe more aggressively - once they enter the political realm? What can we learn from political journalists? What can they learn from us when covering scientific topics – and how can we work together more constructively?


  • The winners of WCSJs longterm project "Struggle with Politics" – names to be announced
  • Laudation: Swiss Nobelwinner Jacques Dubochet, who’s also a regionally active politician for the Swiss Social Democrats.
  • Kevin Bloom, South African political writer and founder of The Daily Maverick.
  • Laura Helmuth, medicine and environment reporter, Washington Post
  • Mandi Smallhorne (moderator), president of the South African Science Journalists Association and the African Federation of Science Journalists
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