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Parallel session

Skills and tools

4 July

14:00 to 15:10

STCC, Auditorium C

Data Security: How to protect yourself, your sources, and your stories

This session will bring together journalists, trainers, and representatives of foundations supporting press freedom on the increasingly critical issue of digital security in the age of on-line journalism. We will discuss how to anonymize documents and data, how to protect your sources, how to store data securely, how to protect your own devices, differential privacy, etc. -- and what can go wrong. Experts note that human error is where most disasters related to privacy invasion seem to happen and one goal of this session to provide the audience - this is journalism focused but applicable to anyone working on-line today - with tips and tools for how to navigate most securely across online platforms. Laura Helmuth, at the Washington Post will introduce the subject with some information about her paper's policies as well as moderating this highly expert group of panelists.

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