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Parallel session

Skills and tools

4 July

15:40 to 16:50


How to track the quality of air, food, water, and medicine in your community

The poor face daily life-threatening dangers ranging from toxic air, water, and food, to the very medicines that are supposed to save them. They are vulnerable simply because they don’t have reliable, timely and actionable information to make decisions or avoid risks.
Journalists across the world are using innovative new technologies to change this by spearheading investigations to test food, water, air and medicine in medical laboratories or with handheld kits. The resulting reportage is sparking police raids and government clampdowns. Our session will show how newsroom pioneers use the technologies, analyse the data, and fund their investigations.
Cutting across sensor journalism, investigative journalism, citizen science and environmental justice, it will be of interest to both data-journalists and editors, who will get practical insights into the tools and budgets necessary for newsrooms to run their own sensor and test-tube journalism projects. Civic hackers will learn about new technologies they can use, and health champions/human rights activists will learn about valuable data sources.
Join us to learn about new tools and approaches to help your reporting make a difference!

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