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Parallel session

State of our trade

3 July

10:10 to 11:20

STCC, Auditorium C

Investigative methods for science journalism: Accounts from four award-winning reporters

Recent winners of the international AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award will describe their consequential stories on research misconduct by a noted surgeon at the Karolinska Institute; on the lack of adequate surveillance of “superbug” infections in the United States; on shortcomings of an overburdened forensic system in a South African province; and on the failure of leading American medical institutions to report results of clinical trials to a federal database as required by law. The panelists will discuss reporting methods they used in their work and obstacles they overcame. More generally, they will discuss how investigative reporting methods – including record searches and computer-assisted research – can be brought to bear in science journalism.

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