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Parallel session

Skills and tools

4 July

10:10 to 11:20

STCC, Auditorium B

Making data visible: enabling writers (and readers!) with effective infographics

Does the term “data visualization” excite you, but unsettle you? Do you appreciate the power of graphs and charts, but lack the knowledge to make them? Join three of the world’s leading scientific designers to discover how to gather data from scientists, how to visually transform data for readers, and what makes that data worth collecting and transforming in the first place.
Audience members will be able to follow along with a short, live demonstration of the Plotly data visualization app, and they will walk away with a set of basic design “dos and do-nots,” as well as a list of freely-available online tools. Those tools will enable them to experiment?and create visual displays that should, in turn, enable their readers.

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