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Sponsored Luncheon


3 July

12:15 to 13:55

STCC, Room 1BC

Making drugs great again: when Systems biology and Artificial intelligence enable an emerging democratic botanical revolution in infection and cancer control. (sponsored by Alphanosos)

Entity involved: Alphanosos

Contact/Responsible person: Christophe Lamps, Dynamics Group,

Number of participants: 50

With scholarships? No


Medicine in the 21st century faces many global challenges, including fast emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), costs of improved cancer treatments and defiance against vaccination. Drug discovery and development processes use by big pharma. Most start-ups fail to answer these challenges because of cost, complexity and safety issues. Humanity seems condemned to return to a pre-penicillin era where even benign chirurgical intervention and cancer chemotherapy would put our life at risk, not talking of bio-terrorism attacks with bacteria engineered to be resistant to all available antibiotic. Flu pandemics could kill tens of millions because of inefficient vaccination and personalized cancer treatments could increasingly be restricted to the wealthiest.


Systems biology contemplates the complex interrelationship between biological constituents of an organism, calling for poly-pharmacological intervention as a solution to the current and upcoming medicinal challenges.


Given the health and environmental safety issues associated with novel chemical entities, poly-pharmacology could be utopia wouldn’t one realize that the latter is de facto the mode of action of botanical based medicine and diet. As traditional herbal medicine cannot be turned into clinically proven treatment options, novel approaches are necessary.


This luncheon will illustrate how Artificial Intelligence reconciles ancient and cutting-edge science to enable a revolutionary and democratic novel pharmacological paradigm for multiple indications, including to tackle antimicrobial resistance or cancer.




Dr Pascal Mayer, CEO Alphanosos, France (40 minutes)

Talk 1: The unmet challenges of 21st century medicine and the associated democratic crisis

Talk 2: Artificial Intelligence and Botanical Drugs lead to a revolution drug discovery

Talk 3: Tacking the antimicrobial resistance crisis the green way


Dr Gerardo Turcatti, EPFL, Switzerland (15 minutes)

Talk 4: Industry-Academic partnership for the rapid discovery of novel anti-cancer botanicals


Daniel Valtueña Maestre, Syha -Paris, France

Talk 5: Non-pharmaceutical products as enablers for affordable drug development (20 minutes)


Dr Pascal Mayer, CEO Alphanosos, France (20 minutes)

Talk 6:  When botanicals becomes rocket science, or how novel medicines may become available to everybody, everywhere whenever needed.


Sessions include interactive Q&A’s with the audience.

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