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Field Trip


4 to 5 July

13:45 (4 july) to 21:00 (5 july)

Genova, Italy




Meet the research center shaping the future society in the ancient city of Genova

Meeting point: SwissTech Convention Centre (STCC), Esplanade, at 13:45

Number of participants: 10

Travel: by minivan

Registration fee: CHF 17

Details: As this trip is going to Italy, participants need to bring a valid ID and be in possession of an appropriate visa if required.

Be aware that participants to this Field Trip will miss the afternoon sessions and the Farewell Evening on Thursday July 4.

Organizer and Sponsor: IIT-Istituto italiano di tecnologia


Contact: Valeria della Cave (

Please note that the cost for transport and accommodation as well as most meals are covered by IIT and the registration fee covers administrative costs on behalf of WCSJ.

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a scientific research center established in 2003 by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate the economic development at national level. IIT scientific activities started in 2006, they are multidisciplinary and with a very strong attitude towards technology transfer. IIT staff consists of more than 1600 people, the majority of whom is dedicated to research, and with an average age of 34 years. About half of the researchers come from abroad. It is one of the biggest one-site research labs in Europe and it combines different research fields in a single scientific programme. It is considered by Nature Index among the “100 rising stars” in the scientific world. IIT headquarters are in Genova.

This visit starts with a social dinner held at the city Aquarium in the centre of the vibrant port city Genova; Acquario di Genova is the biggest Aquarium in Italy and the one that hosts the most extensive range of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Whilst the technological innovations generated by IIT will be presented during a one-day lab tour. Both events will permit journalists to meet senior and young scientists and to get a first-hand experience of a unique international and interdisciplinary environment.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover some EU-funded projects, among which the Graphene FET-Flagship which represents Europe’s biggest  coordinated research on 2-d materials. The lab tour at IIT Research lab will focus on robots, not least the cognitive humanoid iCub, born in IIT and today available in 38 copies in laboratories across Europe, USA, South Korea, Singapore and Japan; as well as Centauro and HyQ, both robots for emergency scenarios. They will learn about smart materials obtained by fruit and vegetable waste, graphene-based products and discover new advances in nanomedicine and neuroscience.

Tentative program:

4th July

2 pm: departure from Lausanne to Genova – travel with minivan

7 pm: arrival on site, check-in in Hotel

8.30 pm: Acquario di Genova - guided tour with Scientific Director Claudia Gili and dinner

5th July

8.30 am: transfer from hotel and arrival at IIT

9 am: general presentation of IIT by IIT Scientific Director - Roberto Cingolani

10 am: lab tour (nanomedicine, smart materials, graphene labs, robotics)

12.30 pm: Buffet lunch with local food specialities

2 pm: lab tour (humanoid iCub and Plantoid)

4 pm: end of the visit, departure to Lausanne

9 pm: arrival in Lausanne

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