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Parallel session

State of our trade

2 July

10:10 to 11:20

STCC, Auditorium B

Philanthropy - a savior for journalism... or a dead end?

Major transformations in the media are threatening the economic viability of the press, including that of science journalism. In several countries, philanthropic organizations have stepped in. They are funding entirely new media outlets or provide grants for stories about topics of their choice. What are the risks of this type of funding? Is it okay for foundations to fund only stories about their favorite issue, and to go for high-impact journalism -- or does that skew coverage and limit journalists' freedom? Is science journalism more or less suitable for this type of funding than social, political, and humanitarian reporting? Does the idealism of philanthropy clash with the commercial realities of privately owned media? Do the administrative burdens that come with accepting grant money hamper journalists? This session will bring together representatives of philanthropic organizations and reporters who have benefited from their money to discuss the pros and cons of this new funding model.

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