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Field Trip


5 July

06:45 to 19:30 (back in Lausanne)

IBM, Zürich




Predicting the Future by Inventing It: From AI to Quantum Bits at IBM Research

Meeting point: Parking Lausanne Bellerive at 06:45 (bus leaves at 07:00 sharp)

Transport: by bus

Number of participants: Maximum 30

Registration fee: CHF 17 (includes transport and lunch)

Details: Participants need to bring a valid ID

Organizer: IBM Research - Zurich 

Contact: Manuela Di Giulio (


IBM has maintained a research laboratory in Switzerland since 1956 and is world-renowned for pursuing cutting-edge research for the future of computing. A visit to this two-time Nobel Prize-winning lab will provide visitors with an exclusive sneak peak of the future. Guests will tour our quantum computer lab, the nanotechnology center, including the clean room and noise free labs, as well as the atomic force microscopy lab, which is imaging the smallest molecules known to humankind. Journalists will also get to see live demonstrations of artificial brain synapses for storage and memory and the latest enterprise applications of artificial intelligence.

IBM scientists, including Dr. Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow, Vice President of IBM Europe and director of the IBM Research Lab in Zurich, will be available for questions.

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