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Pre-conference event

Beyond cheerleading

1 July

16:30 to 17:30

STCC, Auditorium B

SNSF roundtable: The battle for open access

Organised by: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Contact/Responsible person: Daniel Saraga,

Number of participants: Max 150


Round table with 5 participants and 1 moderator followed by a simple aperitif

This event is open to all, without registration

The results and the scientific publications generated by publicly funded research belong to society and should therefore be freely accessible to everyone – free of charge and without any restrictions: that is the core demand of the open access movement, which politicians, funders and universities across Europe are pushing forward with increasing determination. But not everyone agrees: big publishers are still fighting to hold on to the current subscription-based model, whose ever-increasing cost recently prompted university alliances to cancel their subscriptions. Last but not least, more than a few scientists have expressed their doubts about the best way of implementing open access. Does the future really belong to this movement, and what do we need to do to resolve the current conflict?

Language spoken


Jan-Martin Wiarda, Die Zeit



  1. Herma Cuppen, Professor of Computational Chemistry, Radboud University
  2. Matthias Egger, President of the Swiss National Science Foundation
  3. Kamila Markram, CEO of Frontiers Media
  4. Jean Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit Open Science, European Commission

  5. Daniel Ropers, CEO of Springer Nature
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