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Parallel session

Skills and tools

3 July

14:00 to 15:10

STCC, Room 3BC




So you want to create a podcast?

Perhaps you love podcasts, perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of making one yourself. So what’s next? How do you go about making your show?
Come to this session to learn from top science podcasters, who will share their tips and tricks for everything they do: from writing for your voice (ridding your writing of clauses can be a hard habit to break!); to what equipment to use, how to record interviews, and how to record yourself for the best sound; to an introductory segment on editing with tips for mixing your show that will set you up for success.
You’ll do in-session writing exercises, view sample scripts, and check out screens of audio editing. And when the session is over, you’ll know what to steps to take to continue your education back in your home country.

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