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Sponsored Luncheon

Beyond cheerleading

4 July

12:15 to 13:55

STCC, Room 3A

The Complexities of Communicating Science: How to Tackle Miscommunication (sponsored by Sabri Ülker Foundation)

Communicating scientific ideas to the public in a way that everybody understands can be a very tricky business at the best of times: there’s plenty of room for miscommunication. It takes an effort for people to broaden their minds, but it’s also the responsibility of scientists to make the effort to communicate clearly.


In this session, our panellists will grapple with several important questions influencing the way that scientific information is delivered. They will consider what makes a good science journalist, and debate whether science journalism should be subject to a code of ethics. The session will also address the temptation to put clicks before accuracy, and how science reporting should reference original research.


While the focus will be on misinformation in health and nutrition reporting, and the way that impacts society, its message will be of relevance to all areas of science communication. It will cover the dos and don’ts of good science communication, and the panellists will discuss best practice with the audience.



  1. Ali Atıf Bir, Institute of Communication Sciences, Anadolu University (Turkey)
  2. Nimali Samarasinha, Head of Communication, European Food Information Council
  3. Begüm Mutuş, General Manager of Sabri Ülker Foundation
  4. Fiona Fox, Chief Executive of Science Media Centre


12.15-12.30 – Lunch

12.35-12.50 – Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir

12.50-13.05 – Nimali Samarinha

13.05-13.20 – Begüm Mutuş

13.20-13.35 – Fiona Fox

13.35-13.55 – Discussion

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