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Sponsored Luncheon


3 July

12:15 to 13:55

STCC, Room 5A

The New Deal in the Digital Age: how the economy of trust will create security in an uncertain world (sponsored by SICPA)

Contact/Responsible person:

Number of participants: 25

Digital technology has created a new paradigm, with new ways of communicating and doing business. It has brought enormous benefits to people. But there are unintended consequences, an ever-growing list of threats and ethical dilemmas with serious consequences. How do we prevent bad actors from causing harm? How do we safeguard the interests of citizens and their democratic rights? How do we protect critical infrastructures, promote health and food quality, and assure sustainable and ethical growth? How do we guarantee auditable trust, safety and resilience to the benefit all stakeholders?

This session will explore how the “trust economy” – a rapidly developing sector in Switzerland– will provide a toolset to deal with these challenges: be they about countering identity theft, assuring the integrity of products and processes or protecting transactions, assets or claims.  In particular we will focus on how we establish unbreakable reconciliation between the real and digital worlds.

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