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Parallel session

Skills and tools

2 July

15:40 to 16:50

STCC, Auditorium B

Thinking outside of the press release: how to find story ideas in new, unusual and digital places

With editors and readers craving original content, the need for new stories and alternative sources has never been greater. Social media, pre-print databases, freedom of information requests, and the activities of government agencies or global NGOs can provide endless story leads -- but where to start? In this session, you’ll hear from experienced science journalists who will share how they work these leads, find ideas, and turn them into fresh, compelling stories that might never have been written without sources beyond mainstream media channels. You’ll get to share your own experiences too, and discuss best practices for story-gathering and reporting in quirky, unfamiliar, or unusual contexts with other journalists. Follow the discussion online at #WCSJSciDeas.

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