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Parallel session

Fun and entertainment

3 July

15:40 to 16:50

STCC, Room 1BC

Let's Manga! Science told through comics

Science manga and other visual forms of communicating science can transcend cultures and are popular among children and adults. Making science manga is about more than just drawing and artistic talent. In this session three outstanding science manga/comic creators will give their perspectives on how they bring hard facts and scientific data to life by creating attractive characters, strong storylines, metaphoric language, and visual representations. They will offer journalists, press officers, and science writers new perspectives for their daily reporting, unexplored avenues to repurpose their stories into visual narratives, and ideas to collaborate with graphic artists.
Participants will come away with the knowledge that creating science comics does not have to be hard or time-consuming, and with the know-how to initiate artist-writer collaborations to tell science stories using manga and comics.

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