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Field Trip


5 July

07:45 to 20:00

Lyon, France




Lyon - city of innovation and invention

Meeting point: Parking Lausanne Bellerive at 7:45 (bus leaves at 8:00 sharp)

Number of participants: 12

Registration fee: CHF 17 (includes transport and lunch)

Details: As this trip is going to France, participants need to bring a valid ID and be in possession of an appropriate visa if required.

Organizer and sponsor: The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Contact: Lise Barnéoud (


On this visit to Lyon, you will get a glimpse of the diversity of the research conducted by the CNRS. On our way there, you will be able to admire the world's largest dinosaur tracks left by sauropod dinosaurs in the Jura massif, sprawling over more than 150 meters and forming the longest sauropod trackway ever to be found (to be confirmed).

In Lyon, we will visit several key labs, such as the LTDS, Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics, active in the fields of cosmetology and archeology, and the LMFA, Laboratory of Fluid Transfer and Acoustics, developing fundamental and applied research in aeronautics and space.

You will have the opportunity to lunch with Alain Schuhl, CNRS Chief Research Officer, and will finish the day with a visit of the 3D.FAB, the only French Plateforme Technologique Innovante dedicated to academic and private innovation through 3D printing, in the field of health.

ECL-B3 (3000 KW) test bench for reduced-scale fan (Equipex PHARE) © LMFA

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