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Sponsored Luncheon


4 July

12:15 to 13:55

STCC, Room 5A




Raising the Bar on Sustainability and Transparency (sponsored by Bayer)

Today more than ever, consumers are playing an active role in issues of regulatory policy. At the same time, claims are being made time and again without any actual science or proof behind them.


In some areas this is having a hugely damaging impact on economic, environmental and public health outcomes. It’s important that we’re able to utilize technological innovations and science to tackle serious issues such as climate change and food security. It’s also important that we demonstrate how we got there and what we’re doing today to ensure we have a secure future.


This all means that more transparency as well as accurate and informative communications on science matters are more important than ever. It also means we need to tell the whole story on the impact of what we’re doing today on the environment of the future.


This session will explore how a renewed emphasis on transparency can enable industry, academia, government and the media to work together to restore trust.

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