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Advisor on Global Mental Health for the Carter Center (Liberia)

Janice Cooper

Janice Cooper, Ph.D., MPA, is Global Advisor on Mental Health for the Carter Center in Liberia. The Mental Health Program provides training, policy analyses, development and support to expand mental health services’ capacity and address stigma. It’s work includes training over 100 journalists on how to report responsibly on mental health, and providing support for setting up Liberia Mental Health Reporter’s Network. A native Liberian and health services researcher specializing in children’s mental health, Cooper has worked in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in Liberia and the United States. She was a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Clinical Trials During the 2014-15 Ebola Outbreak, and of Johns Hopkins’ University’s Expert Working Group on Ethics Issues in Public Health Containment for Ebola and other Infectious Diseases. She is a Commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health. A former broadcast journalist, Cooper worked for The Liberia Broadcasting System and contributed articles to local newspapers. She has graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University and an undergraduate degree from University of Essex.

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3 July

10:10 to 11:20



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