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Co-host of Gastropod (USA)

Cynthia Graber

Cynthia Graber is co-host, co-founder, and technical editor of Gastropod, an internationally popular, award-winning podcast about the science and history of food. In addition to Gastropod, Cynthia regularly teaches audio reporting, writing, and editing to the MIT science journalism graduate program, and has taught at Northeastern University, Boston College, and Boston University. She’s also an award-winning radio and print reporter whose work has appeared in magazines including Wired, Fast Company, and the New Yorker, as well as a variety of podcasts and radio shows. She was a 2012-2013 Knight Fellow at MIT.

Sessions as organizer

3 July

14:00 to 15:10

STCC, Room 3BC


Sessions as moderator

Sessions as speaker

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