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Project Assistant Professor at the National Institutes for the Humanities (Japan)

Ayumi Koso

Ayumi Koso is project assistant professor at the National Institutes for the Humanities in Japan, an umbrella organization of six research institutes and museums, and visiting researcher at the National Bioscience Database Center, Japan Science and Technology Agency. Ayumi is co-organizer of Japan Scicom Forum, a conference that brings together science writers, press officers, science journalists, researchers across Japan who work on English-language science communication. Her primary research areas are institution-level science/research communication in Japan and Asia. She is also interested in the intersection of science and culture, especially how cultural contexts or the language used confine the science or research being communicated. Ayumi received her Ph.D. from the Tokyo Metropolitan University and has worked as a public relations officer at the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the University of Tokyo.

Sessions as organizer

3 July

15:40 to 16:50

STCC, Room 1BC


Sessions as moderator

Sessions as speaker

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