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Journalist (Kenya)

Christabel Ligami

Christabel Ligami is a Freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya whose reporting work focuses on science/health, business, development, environment, climate change, gender issues in Africa. Her work has been broadly published in the EastAfrican Newspaper, CNN, Bhekisisa magazine, Equal Times magazine, Global University World News, NewsDeeply, Earth Island, Africa Business magazine, ScienceAfrica, She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemist/Chemistry and a masters of Arts degree in communications studies. Ms Ligami is the 2016, winner of the International Women Media Foundation grants to cover women issues – the Inaugural Reporting Grants To Amplify Women’s Voices In The News Media. She is also a three times East African award winner as the Best science/health reporter of the year 2013, Best Business Reporter of the year 2014 and Best Financial Reporter of the year 2014. She previously worked as a permanent employee for the EastAfrican Newspaper, Nation Media Group where she was assigned to cover on various issues in the five East African countries Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

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