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European Broadcasting Union, EBU (Italy)

Giacomo Mazzone

Qualifications: Manager of the Public Service Broadcasting and Media with 30 years’ experience in the news, sport and international relations sectors. Trained as a journalist, with a great deal of experience in international companies and organizations (RAI, Euronews, Eurosport, and since 2002, at EBU European Broadcasting Union member of the WBU World Broadcasting Union). He has worked for all traditional media (press, radio, general interest TV) but also in new media (all-news channels, Internet portals). Expert in European and multilateral negotiations, has been chosen to represent Italian government in the UNESCO at the negotiations for the Cultural Diversity convention. In RAI he has been journalist in the newsroom of RAI 2 for 15 years, then has been among the founders of the Euronews project (1992-1997), where he has been in charge of special events coverage and of partnerships. In this latter vest he created Euronews magazine on science in cooperation with ESA and other European research institutions, that is still on air since 26 years. Lately he was appointed director of European Affairs and of the relations with EU institutions. Once back in Italy was in charge of the creation of the RAI all news channel RAINEWS 24 and later director of international relation until he left for EBU in Geneva in 2002. He has been member of the board of Eurosport Consortium, before it was sold to Tf1. At European Broadcasting Union currently is Head of Institutional Relations and of Members Relations South (January 2011 - current ) in charge of follow-up with members of the MENA region (Algeria, Marocco, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon) and of the Northern shore of Mediterranean Sea (Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, and so on). In this vest has been head of the project of assistance to the Tunisian National Broadcaster during the first multipartite elections (2011) and head of the special assistance projects for the other countries in the region (Libya, Egypt, etc.) Since 2013 he is also representative of WBU (World Broadcasting Union) into the GAC of ICANN.

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1 July

14:00 to 17:00

Amphimax, room 410


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