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Research Director at NEERMAN (India)

Sumeet Patil

Sumeet heads the impact evaluation and causal inference research at NEERMAN; a policy and economic research organization he co-founded in 2007. His core research interest is application of using a variety of research designs for causal inference (randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental methods, observational/cross-sectional studies). At NEERMAN and previously while working at the World Bank (Consultant, India) and the Research Triangle Institute (North Carolina, US), he has evaluated several programs and projects differing in scale (single village to state wide), sectors (water-sanitation, energy, public health, nutrition), interventions (infrastructure, behavior change, marketing), mechanisms (decentralized, community demand driven, market driven), and settings (urban, peri-urban, rural). He is a visiting lecturer at SP Jain Institute of Management Research in Mumbai as well. Sumeet’s research is published in PLoS Medicine, BMJ Open, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Bulletin of World Health Organization, Journal of Water and Health, Social Science & Medicine, Risk Analysis, and several others. He holds PhD in Epidemiology from the University of California at Berkeley, and Masters degrees in environmental economics and environmental engineering from North Carolina State University.

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