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Co-founder and journalist at RiffReporter (Germany)

Christian Schwägerl

Christian Schwägerl is a journalist, book author and co-founder of RiffReporter, a registered cooperative which develops a new journalism publishing model. After training at the German School of Journalism in Munich and studying biology in Berlin and Reading/UK, Christian has worked as political staff correspondent for Berliner Zeitung (1997-2001), as culture and science correspondent for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (2001-2008) and as political correspondent for science and environment policy at DER SPIEGEL (2008-2012). He has been a freelance journalist since 2012 and writes for GEO, ZEIT Wissen, FAZ, Yale E360 and other media outlets. He is author of the books „Anthropocene” (Synergetic, 2014), "11 Looming Wars" on global conflict risks and "Analogue Revolution" on the future of digital technologies. Since 2014, Christian is head of the Robert Bosch Foundation's Science Journalism Masterclass, which has produced many award-winning projects. Christian has received numerous awards for his science and environment journalism as well as the Grimme Online Award, the Vocer award for digital innovation and, with Tanja Krämer, the German „Science journalist of the Year“ award for founding RiffReporter.

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