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Independent science presenter (UK)

Matthew Shribman

Matthew Shribman is an educator, scientist, environmentalist, and content creator hell-bent on making science as accessible as oxygen. Graduating with a 1st Class Degree in Chemistry from Oxford University, Shribman worked as a science consultant before turning his exceptionally talented mind to science communication, aiming to inspire genuine curiosity in both children and adults. As one of YouTube’s foremost science presenters, he’s tirelessly worked to make science interesting and fun for his viewers. His whimsical style has helped his online show, Science In The Bath, gain over 25 million views and reach a following of over 75,000 people, ranging from teenagers to grandparents, from PhD students to those who thought that science was boring – until they watched his show. Shribman has given talks and speeches at TEDx London, UN Ops, and the London Science Museum, putting on sold-out solo science shows across the U.K., and performing at festivals like Bestival and WOMAD. His hugely popular podcast A Piece of String, is supported by QI co-founder John Mitchinson, and his collaborations have taken him across the world, from crossing the Andes to sailing across the North Sea. Shribman is also a successful musician, and his releases under the moniker Ash Lad have earned the support of The Times, The Guardian and BBC Radio 1.

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