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Journalist, Correspondant de BBC Afrique Cameroun (Cameroon)

Frederic Takang Fomagnou

Frederic Takang is a French speaking journalist born in Bamenda, Cameroon. His first encounter with journalism was after university studies in Afrique Nouvelle, a private local radio station in Bamenda. He started by doing musical program and later on writing article for the news in French. That was Frederic’s first taste of journalism and he liked it. However, eventually Frederic Takang would have to move on from Afrique Nouvelle to Abakwa FM still in Bamenda. While at Abakwa he won a script writing competition with Farm Radio International with his article “ Endangered raffia palm groves (Raphiales): An environmental threat, a danger for the culture and economy of the Grassfields”. Frederic Takang would again move on and work for Radio Hot Cocoa where he became Editor for the French Desk. While working for Radio Hot Cocoa Frederic opted to be a Freelance, writing with La Nouvelle Expression News paper a private daily in Cameroon, reporting for Radio and Equinox TV, and BBC AFRIQUE, the French service of BBC WORLD SERVICE. Today, he is a freelance multimedia journalist producer, he collaborates most with BBC, and he is currently covering the sociopolitical crisis in the two Anglophones regions of Cameroon.

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