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San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (Italy)

Raffaella Di Micco

The molecular mechanisms of stress responses in stem cells and during cancer progression have always been my main area of interest and fascination. Over the past 15 years I have worked on several different aspects of this incredibly broad field. During my PhD training at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan I investigated the molecular mechanisms by which activated oncogenes induce DNA damage and cellular senescence. I then moved to United States for a postdoctoral training at the NYU School of Medicine to perform research aimed at understanding the epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of stem cell identify. I am currently a Group Leader at the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy in Milan. My lab studies the biological impact of gene editing procedures on ex-vivo manipulated hematopoietic stem cells for gene therapy applications and regenerative medicine.

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