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Freelance science journalist (Croatia)

Nenad Jaric Dauenhauer

Nenad Jarić Dauenhauer is a science journalist based in Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2001, he has been reporting on science, technology, medicine and connected policies for the main online news portal in Croatia. As a freelancer, he also wrote for the New Scientist, Nature, Chemistry World, Research Europe, and Bug. In 2015 he has been nominated for the European Science Writer of the Year award. Presently he is a science journalist and editor at, the most popular news portal in Croatia, where he started a project called Index-lab. Under this name, six prominent Croatian scientists, through their columns, regularly address the most important and interesting issues of their fields.

Sessions as organizer

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Sessions as speaker

1 July

09:00 to 17:00

EPFL Campus, Building BC, Room BC410


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