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Director The Science & Entertainment Exchange (USA)

Rick Loverd

Rick Loverd directs a program of the National Academy of Sciences called The Science & Entertainment Exchange. Its mission is to inspire better science in Hollywood by introducing entertainment professionals to great science communicators. Since its launch in 2008, The Exchange has completed more than 2,500 consults including IRON MAN 2, THOR, AVENGERS, STAR TREK, MAN OF STEEL, The Good Wife, FROZEN, BIG HERO 6, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and BLACK PANTHER. During Rick’s time at The Exchange, the program has produced more than 250 events targeted at the Hollywood community in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and many other places.

Sessions as organizer

3 July

20:00 to 22:00

STCC, Auditorium A


Sessions as moderator

Sessions as speaker

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