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EU Commission (Belgium)

Joe Lynam

I’m a highly experienced broadcaster and communicator who has had the privilege to meet and know some of the world’s most significant and important people. I have exposed wrongdoing by large companies and lies by governments. I have unearthed abuse by banks, outrageous waste by government contractors and millions of people being misled by their elected representatives. I have won awards and nominations for my original journalism and was ranked in the Top 50 most influential journalists in the world and top 5 most successful Irish journalists. Since 2018 I have been working with the EU Commission in Brussels tackling disinformation which i fear will become a threat to our democracy if unchecked. I have been centrally involved in responding to persistent myths and lies as well as co-drafting the EU’s Action Plan on Disinformation which set up a brand new Rapid Alert System.

Sessions as organizer

Sessions as moderator

Sessions as speaker

2 July

15:40 to 16:50

STCC, Auditorium A


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