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Senior Science Correspondent (Colombia/US)

Angela Posada-Swafford

Angela Posada-Swafford is an award winning Colombian-American science and environment journalist, author, trainer, lecturer and author of science and adventure novels for young adults 8-14, translated from Spanish into Mandarin for Chinese schools. She has been writing stories on astrophysics, space, the poles, environment, neurophysiology, geology, oceanography, paleontology and exploration for 30 years for all media platforms, digital, print and broadcast, in Spanish and English. Her recent awards include the 2017 Premio Simón Bolívar, Colombia’s top journalism prize. She was the first Hispanic journalist to receive the Knight Fellowship in Science Journalism at MIT. She has worked in 6 Antarctic expeditions, and been instrumental in connecting and serving as a liaison among Latin America’s several Antarctic Programs and the National Science Foundation. Her latest book, “Hielo” (Ice) is a collection of those trips. She is part of the faculty of the newly created Masters in Science Journalism at Javeriana University in Colombia, the first of its kind in the nation, and advises Colciencias, the nation’s new Science Ministry, in science outreach. She divides her time between the United States and Colombia.

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