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Behavioural Research Manager, Swiss Re (Switzerland)

Francesca Tamma

Francesca Tamma works in the Behavioural Research Unit where she manages the portfolio of work with Swiss Re's clients, provided as a differentiating service. This includes field trials applying behavioural science principles to address our clients' pain points, a multi-year secondment to a key client, upskilling our clients in behavioural science capabilities and enhancing Swiss Re's Solutions with behavioural science. Behavioural Research services have benefitted 65+ of our clients globally since 2012, creating value for Swiss Re. Her team also applies behavioural research to internal projects, including research on underwriting costing accuracy, health behaviour change, and lapse behaviour. These projects drive value by innovating Swiss Re's internal processes and devising new client solutions. Before Swiss Re, Francesca Tamma worked for a few of years at the UK Behavioural Insights Team and as an economist for the UK Government. She holds an MSc Economics with merit from the London School of Economics, and an honours degree with distinction in Economics and Geography from the University of Edinburgh.

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