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Thank you for submitting
your session proposals
for WCSJ2019 in Lausanne!


The Programme Committee is in the process of evaluating proposals. A very high number of strong proposals have been received, which is leading to a longer evaluation time than initially foreseen.
You will be informed from 21 September onwards whether your proposal has been accepted or not.
The Programme Committee may suggest changes in wording, focus, format, and speakers/moderator of a session to ensure quality, focus, and diversity. Those concerned will be asked whether they accept the changes, and if so to make the necessary adjustments to their proposals.


Session producers are strongly encouraged to find independent funding to cover travel and accommodation costs for themselves and their moderators and speakers (note: the conference fee, covering the whole program plus all social events, will be waived). In cases where such funding, fully or partially, cannot be secured, WCSJ2019 will cover travel and accommodation expenses (within the limits of its travel policy) for two to three nights in Lausanne for one producer as well as up to a maximum of 4 participants in the session. Once a session is accepted, specific funding needs will be discussed with the organizers.

The Programme Committee thanks you in advance for putting your energy, thoughts and creativity into writing a high-quality proposal, and wishes all submitters the best of luck. Whether your submission is successful or not, we hope to see you in Lausanne in July 2019!


On behalf of the Programme Committee,

Yves Sciama and Martin Enserink

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