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Johnson & Johnson works to unleash the power of science and technology to enhance and advance the health of everyone, everywhere. Our 130,000+ employees across the world work to transform innovative ideas into new treatments and healthcare solutions, and to champion the role that science plays in changing the trajectory of health for humanity.


In Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson has 21 sites in 10 cantons, including 13 manufacturing facilities. We employ over 6,500 employees in the country across our Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Consumer Health businesses.


At Johnson & Johnson, we blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.



As the most broadly-based healthcare company, we relentlessly pursue innovation, from within our walls and to the farthest corners of the world. We seek to bring together the best science and technology in the best way possible to solve today’s health challenges, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV, Ebola and tuberculosis.


We leverage our broad capabilities, deploy diverse talent and expertise, and tap into our powerful network of global connections through our regional innovation centers, our no-strings-attached JLABS incubators, our venture investing arm JJDC and our business development groups.


We also foster public-private partnerships and other innovative collaboration models, such as the Dementia Discovery Fund and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), that advance effective solutions for major global health challenges, including mental health, anti-microbial resistance and pandemic preparedness.


Together with our many partners, we are making progress toward a world where all disease is treatable, curable and preventable.

At Johnson & Johnson, we blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Our no-strings-attached JLABS incubators are one of the ways in which we fuel the innovation ecosystem to harness the best ideas and turn them into solutions that bring years of life and quality of life to people around the world.


Science touches our lives in every imaginable way, helping people all over the world live longer, healthier, happier lives. But science can also seem complex, irrelevant or even threatening.


As a global healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson is uniquely positioned to champion the role of science in society. Our Champions of Science public engagement initiative convenes and catalyzes people of all generations and backgrounds to see the unlimited opportunities that science brings. From supporting STEM programs that fuel science inclusion and engage future innovators, to honoring researchers’ life-time impact on human health via programs like the Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research, to creating programs that engage the broad public in science through stories of innovation, we work to help more people fall in love with science.

By showcasing the contributions of the passionate and talented innovators working on the African continent, our Champions of Science – Africa Storytelling Challenge built public engagement and support for science, and inspired the next generation to pursue scientific fields that will have the potential to drive Africa’s socio-economic transformation.


A public educated, engaged and supportive of the role of science in society is necessary for the scientific enterprise to continue to thrive and deliver solutions. Science journalists are a critical link between science and society, helping make the connection between research in the lab and the impact it has on our everyday lives.  We are proud to foster training, mentoring and career enhancement for science journalists by supporting gatherings like the World Congress of Science Journalists, and supporting organizations including:


From supporting long-standing initiatives like the AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship, to creating unique programs like the Champions of Science Storytelling Challenge, we work to give a voice to scientists and champions of science around the world and inspire the next generation of innovators. Another example is our Johnson & Johnson CoLaboratory for the Future – a shared space for world leaders to engage in dialogue, debate and discussion about innovation, inclusion and positive societal impact. 


Through these and multiple other efforts, Johnson & Johnson works every day to fuel scientific and technological innovations for today and the future, and to champion the role that science and technology play in advancing the trajectory of health for humanity.

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