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Friends of science journalism, submit a session proposal!

It’s official. WCSJ2019 in Lausanne is going to be great. We have an amazing venue, a gorgeous city, cutting edge science, and social events that will be a blast. But great is not enough for us – we want to make it unforgettable. And for that, we need your contribution. You can help us build what is most important – the programme.Making a session proposal is the best way to make this conference your own, and to make it really relevant for science journalists. Of course, we have set up a programme committee. It is made up of 15 great science journalists from the 5 continents – so we can come up with session ideas by ourselves. But it is only those of you who are reading this, with your diverse backgrounds and situations, who collectively know what is really important for our profession.So let’s be concrete. What do we need, and how can you go about helping us?

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