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Looking at top research, where it happens

After four days of presentations, workshops and discussions at the SwissTech Convention Center, it will be time to experience research where it happens: in the mountains, in laboratories, and in research stations and research centres. On Friday 5 July 2019, the last day of WCSJ2019, we invite you to visit research hotspots in Switzerland, France, Italy and further afield. We have put together an exclusive programme of 30 scientific and three touristic field trips for you. Each is a unique opportunity to visit research institutions from the inside, to talk to leading scientists and to experience research up close. You can choose between one-day field trips to Swiss research institutions or multi-day field trips to France and Italy and even as far as St. Petersburg, Russia, or Allan, Jordan, home to SESAME, the synchrotron light source for the Middle East and neighbouring regions.

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