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The world needs to hear our stories

This is my first time to participate in this, the world biggest meeting in our field. I am very grateful to the organizers for choosing me to be among the participants of the 11TH World Conference of Science Journalists.

From Tanzania to Lausanne it is about 12 hours, mostly in the air. It is a long journey. Along the way, my mind was thinking about what I would find when I reached my destination. I was keen to attend the sessions that I selected, and I was thinking how fruitful it would be to build my knowledge.

I arrived safely, and early the morning on 1 July, I entered the first session of the pre-conference workshop about the science of learning and science journalism organised by the Jacobs Foundation. It was great session, I really like the way we engaged in discussion with our fellow participants, talking about the challenges we face and how to overcome them in producing our stories.

During the opening session of WCSJ 2019, I was inspired by the speakers' keynotes, especially EU Commissioner, who reminded us that we are competing with storytellers without evidence, that evidence is not enough, and we have to tell stories too. We journalist have power to tell stories, to excite and engage people with science. The world needs to hear our stories. That was wonderful session to me.

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