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How I learned to produce a piece of augmented reality in a day

A lot of patient hand holding every little click of the way was my way into the world of producing a little slice of augmented reality. I was part of a group of about twenty or so people who had bravely signed up for a Fuse Workshop on augmented reality held on 1 July. As I picked my way across the pieces of booths waiting to be set up in the basement of the STCC, I was mentally checking off if I had done my homework, downloading all the required software.

The trainers Jean-Yves and Carole Chainon were already in full swing helping people get the right programs as I walked in. What started out with watching cool videos quickly turned intense.

And the app slowly began to take shape. The group of motley software developer novices (mostly) bonded over mingled frustrations of not being able to talk the language of our computers. We helped each other, gave up and followed along on our neighbours’ computers, or like me, plodded along lagging several steps behind.

But, in the end we had an app on our phones, excitedly watching an image of the earth move as we pointed the phone to an image on the computer and moved around. All in a day’s work, and for me, a tiny step into tomorrow’s world.

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