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Reaching new heights – and aspiring to greater ones

WCSJ 2019 has definitely set a high standard for me as a science journalist. Being aware of the state of the art apps on hand, or the diverse investigative tools available, really drives me on to up my game! As a TV anchor and investigative reporter, I found the talks on podcasts and digital platforms especially useful. In a fast-changing world, news needs to be told in a better and much fresher way. This is a must if we want to reach bigger and younger audiences than the ones that consume traditional media today. Networking has been also another of the most useful aspects of the conference that we can all take back home as journalists. Working together and doing collaborative reports in regions like Latin America can provide not only enriched information but also a “protection net” on countries like mine, where being a journalist has become dangerous. Science journalism is present in all the different topics in our lives. And that has been clearly exposed at most of the talks I have been to. “Enemies of the People: Journalism in the age of populists and strongmen” was a good example. Covering politics is also science journalism! Sports, weather... You name it! It’s science! WCSJ2019: it’s a call to action for we science journalists! I’m really grateful for it!

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